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Favorite Triangular Box Tutorial Steps
1. Fold the paper in half (BUT the fold should be 1/3 of the paper)
2. Take the bottom right hand corner and put it on the green line (the crease from #1)
3. Notice the bottom left corner!
4. Fold along the dashed red line and make the green line meet the blue line
5. This is what #4 should look like
6. Fold where the red line is in half
7. This is what #6 should look like
8. Fold along the dashed red line
9. This is what #8 should look like
10. Unfold #8
11. Pull the red flap down
12. This is what #11 should look like
13. Fold the red line in half
14. This is what #13 should look like
15. Fold along the dashed red line
16. This is what #15 should look like
17. Unfold everything up to #2
18. Fold down #6’s crease
19. Fold along the dashed red line (There’s already a crease there so it shouldn’t be that hard)
20. Fold down the dashed blue crease
21. This is what #20 should look like
22. Fold the crease with the red line & pull it towards the red arrow. Press the paper
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Single Trash Rose 2 by JK-ALL-THE-TIME Single Trash Rose 2 :iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 1,175 118 Single Trash Rose by JK-ALL-THE-TIME Single Trash Rose :iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 6 3 Trash Roses by JK-ALL-THE-TIME Trash Roses :iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 165 38
The Girl I Hate...
"Yeah, me too..." I skillfully pried her hands off of me and pushed Daniel to her. "You're not going to greet Demon?" They both awkwardly smiled at each other and did polite greetings, but I could feel their mutual hatred vibrating in the air.
"So,-" I placed an arm on Daniel's shoulder and tried to be nonchalant. "Why're you here?" All the other guys happily agreed. They practically grew tails and were wagging them vigorously.
I guess you could call her pretty. She had straight long auburn hair that flowed down and around her slim, fit body. Her red lips almost always in a perpetual smile even when she was beating the crap out of other people, and they greatly contrasted with her translucent skin and black eyes. Then I thought of Nala. They were almost exact opposites. From curly golden hair, twinkling green eyes, and honest personality to the warm air that surrounded her.
I was ripped away from my thoughts when I heard the threat in Daniel's voice as he said, "You should go
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 1 6
Chapter 16
I gave his head a quick, hard smack. I could hear the Duchess give a light chuckle without even turning around.
"Ow~ What was that for?!"
"You're asking crazy stupid questions! Now let's go to bed!" His tail moved in irritation as he slowly disappeared; his feet disappearing first.
"I'll definitely get you back for this, Alice..." With that, his head disappeared and I went to a random room. I slammed open the door only to see Mad Cat in his regular form and changing into pajamas. His shirt was off, and he was in the middle of putting on the pajama top.
We were both frozen. Then I quickly closed the door and ran into a different room. The image of his naked chest seared into my mind.
I mumbled while hitting the bed with my pillow, "Stupid retard! I'm so stupid! I can't believe I saw that! Ugh! Get out of my head!" I slammed my head in pillow and just laid there. "I shouldn't let that get to me. I'll just pretend I never saw that... GAH!! How can I pretend I didn't see that?!?
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 4
Growing a Tree in a Living Room
I stared at the tree that had randomly sprouted in the corner of my living room. It wasn't a measly sprout but a full grown tree that pushed against the ceiling and walls. The roots had pushed the furniture away and into the hallway. The apartment was small enough, but now, there was no room. I tried to understand how it appeared. Could a tree that huge grow over night? Did someone put a curse on me? And why are the leaves shimmering rainbows? I was so deep in my thoughts that I jumped at the sound of someone banging at my door.
"Um... What is it?!" What should I do...? How do I explain why I have a tree in my living room?
"We gotta go or we'll be late!" Dang it. I forgot all about the meeting...
"Alright!" I hurriedly chanted a quick spell as I washed up. My clothes immediately poofed on, and as I went out, I grabbed my book bag. Before Dylan could see inside, I slammed the door shut and waited to hear the automatic lock click. Then I etched on the door the sign of the curs
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 4
The Girl I Hate...
Though the atmosphere had become intense with the bet looming over us, we tried to have a good time. The others cautiously skated the rink while I fooled Daniel into full blown races. After the seventh game that caused us to be tied again, I lazily skated, enjoying the cool air. I was moving so slowly that the guys didn't hear me come up behind them.
I could hear one whisper, "Do we really have to choose one?"
"I bet if we don't, they'll both be mad."
"That'd be a really stupid move on our part then..."
"How about choosing Scarlet King?"
"Don't you think he'd protect us if Demon got too angry?" There was a murmur of agreement. Right when I opened my mouth to disagree, a hand from behind me closed my mouth and kept me from following them. I glared at the person behind me, and I yanked his hand away from my face.
"BARF, you know I hate it when you touch my face."
"That was the only thing I could do to keep you from interrupting them." He gave me a sly smile.
"If you get
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 4
Chapter 15
"ARE YOU INSANE?!?!" I tried to raise my voice over the howling of the wind, but it was completely impossible. The penguins were trying to huddle closer together, knocking into us.
"WHAT~?!" He brought his ear closer.
"ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?!" He groaned then picked me back up. He instantly teleported us to a region of Antarctica that wasn't under a snow storm. The sun and snow were were bright that we had to squinted.
"What were you saying?" He turned his back to sun and gave me pleasant smile.
"Why did you teleport us to a place with a snowstorm?!" He shrugged and nonchalantly pulled out a pair of sunglasses. He gave me one.
"It happens. Here. You don't want to blind yourself, do you?" I quickly took it and shivered in the cold.
In seconds, he changed into his Mad Hatter form. His ears, hair, and tail turned black, and both eyes were a bright sapphire blue. He was dressed in a black suit, green bow tie, sky and navy blue checkered vest, and red top hat. Everything else was bl
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 2
Chapter 14
"Mad-" He jump at me, hugging me.
"Alice! Why'd you run away?!" My entire face turned red, and I lost my composure.
"How could I not run away!? You were all hugging and romantic-" I immediately stopped talking as he turned rigid. He let me go and looked at me.
"I was romantic?" I heard the smirk in his voice.
"Yes, you moron!" I let my hair fall in front of my face so he wouldn't see how red it was. He gently pulled it away from my face and behind my ear. When I still refused to look at him, he softly grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him.
"Are you really that weak to romantic things?" I just gaped at him.
"Um... I guess so." He nodded to himself.
"Then I'll make sure not to be romantic." He leaned back and slowly floated backward. He put his hands behind his head and floated in lazy circles. "Well, not that I can help what's in my nature..." He gave me a fanged smirk. Then I realized that he was probably the dumbest, most frustrating person I've ever met.
I quickly s
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 4
Chapter 13
"Seriously?!" I smacked my forehead and sighed. Right when I was about to look for candles, Mad Cat materialized two candles in stain glass cups. They hovered around us and I could vaguely see my way. There was nothing in the tubs. I flopped into my chair, disappointed.
"Wait. Alice." He grabbed a tub, closed it, and flipped it over. On the bottom was the letter D. We quickly jotted down every single letter and threw the tubs into the freezer.
The letters were D, W, H, O, E, I, L, U, H, E, S, L, T, O, E, H, and T.
After several frustrating minutes of trying to scramble the letters into something that made sense, Mad Cat yelled, "I got it!"
"Really?! What is it?!"
"The wheel stool hid u..." I just blankly stared at him while he looked incredibly proud of himself.
"... That makes no sense at all..."
He pouted and replied, "Nu-uh!... well, I suppose so."
"So... I guess we're at another dead end." I heavily sighed. Mad Cat reached over and patted my head. Although the candle's l
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 2
Chapter 12
"Wha- What?!  Fiance?!?! Since when?!!" I stood up in shock, feeling like an icicle was shoved into my chest. He fiddled with his fingers while staring at the ground.
"Three years ago..." A few minutes later, he stood up and opened the sliding glass door. He took out his coin, flipped it, changed into his Cheshire form, and jumped out the window. I ran to stop him, since my curiosity wasn't satisfied, but it was already too late. He had ran out into the drizzling darkness, leaving me behind.
"Three- three years ago... Isn't that when he turned into a Wonder...?" I couldn't sleep. I desperately searched in my mind the answer. Why was I so shocked and hurt over this revelation?
I had fallen asleep, so when I woke up, Mad Cat was in the kitchen, cooking.   I wrapped the blanket around me and walked over to him.
I mumbled, "Mad Cat?"
"Hmm? What?" He flipped the bacon over skillfully without looking at me.
"Are you okay? Why did you run out when we started talking about Margaret?
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 8
Chapter 11
While we were looking for the thing that the key opened, I contemplated on why he would do that. He would always sleep as late as possible and after me. And I was determined to find out why.
I had taken a 2 hour power nap in the afternoon to charge myself up. When it was time, I crawled in bed and pretended to sleep. I knew he could hear the rhythm of my breathing from the living room, so I regulated it to keep it deep and steady. I waited for three hours before deciding to give up. I slowly closed my eyes but snapped them back open when I heard the sounds of his tea set disappearing. I heard him yawn and lie down. I waited for at least an hour. My entire body tense. When I thought he was asleep for sure, I got up and slowly went it the living room. His ears twitched slightly, making me cringe. I cautiously sat next to him.
He  was peacefully sleeping, looking like a child. I wondered what the big deal was about. I shrugged and and noticed the book he was reading. I picked i
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 2 8
Chapter 10
"Doesn't she have a house she's always at or something?"
"No, she travels a lot, and I'm sure White Rabbit knows where." I stood up, pushed the papers off, and stretched.
"I'll go check her bedroom." He only gave me a nod as I left the study. When I entered her room, I grimaced. Her room was so girly, pink, and frilly. I thought carefully. Where would she keep her important documents?
An answer immediately popped into my head after three minutes of thinking, but I hesitated. I nervously slid under the bed. Right next to the wall was a small white gold key taped to the bottom of her bed. I ripped that off and scampered out.
"Mad Cat! Look what I found!" I showed him the key.
"Whoa!!! Where'd you find it?!?!"
"It was taped to the bottom of her bed!!!"
"No way! This is awesome!!!"
"I know!!!"
"So what does it open?!?!" We both froze and stared at each other in awkward silence.
"... I have no idea..." He face-palmed and sighed. I glanced at the clock. It was already 3:40. "But
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 3
Chapter 9
I gaped at him and responded, "And I thought you had ceased to shock me."
He gave me a wide grin and replied, "It'll be fun. Come on." He tried to pull me along, but I roughly pulled my hand away.
"No. I'm not going to commit a crime." He frowned.
"I thought we had a deal." He reached over and gripped my wrist, allowing no escape.
"What deal?" I glared at him and his hand.
"You'll help me find White Rabbit while I teach and protect you."
"When was this decided?"
"I dunno." He shrugged. "Besides, you have no choice but to agree. Without me, you're just a baby bird, waiting for the hungry cats." He gave me an absolutely evil smirk. I jerked my wrist from him.
"I can protect myself. You already gave me enough info for me to survive."
"You don't really think I told you everything, did you?" He raised his eyebrows. I seriously wanted punch the smug smile off his face. But he was right. Without him, Dinah and I would die or worse... one of us might turn into an Animal. I clenched m
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 6
Chapter 8
"Instead of worrying over your shirt... Shouldn't you be helping me?" Mad Cat appeared next to me, bruised and wounded.  He looked to the side and spit out some blood. I looked at the chameleon who was already half dead/cooked.
"You got this~." I playfully punched his arm. He winced while glowering at me.
"Go kill it." His tone was threatening and warning.
"But I don't know how!" He continued glaring at me.
"Order your familiar to turn into the weapon." I hesitantly looked at Dinah.
"Er... Turn into a weapon... please...?" Dinah rolled her eyes while turning into a sword. The blade was extremely long and huge. Instead of being smooth, it was jagged and pointed. Surprisingly, it was light and fit in my hand perfectly. The blade was silver while the wing-shaped hilt was white with a black tip. "That's so awesome." I marveled at the sword when Mad Cat coughed. "Alright. I'm going." I jumped forward, struggling to control my wings. By the time I made it to the Animal, flying beca
:iconjk-all-the-time:JK-ALL-THE-TIME 0 10


It turns out that the most coincidental of all my pieces is my crown jewel! XD
But all the credit doesn't go to just me so this will be thanks to everything that led to that event.
(And yes, I'm being a bit sarcastic...)

Thank you clock for telling me the wrong time and letting me think I had time.
Thank you printer for jamming (when I didn't have any time to reprint) and double printing my script.
Thank you friend for telling me that I was "a tree killer, earth destroyer, and bane of all mankind" when I was going to throw it away.
Thank you cold winter breeze for reminding me that flowers won't bloom till much later and making me want to rebel against nature by making a flower.
Thank you teachers for reviewing information I already know so I think I don't have to pay attention.
Thank you teachers again for not saying anything when I was doing this.
Thank you friends who told me it was worth posting and berated me when I said I wasn't going to.

That's about it, but yea~ I don't deserve the sole credit of the creation of the Trash Roses.
Thanks for reading something so unimportant and wasting a good 5-10 minutes reading this. ;D
See ya next time~! ;P


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